Press Release Traces 3 Found Language


Two original performances created and performed by Jennifer Restak and Katie Macyshyn engaging questions of identity, sexuality, the weight of personal history and liberation through the imagination.
In Traces 3/ Found Language Jennifer Restak locates her character at the intersection of memory and imagination due to the rupture of a relationship as conflicting remembrances and future wishes conspire to illuminate new sources of delight.  Jennifer incorporates anagrams, personal journal entries, and found texts from Leslie Jameson, Sarah Manguso, Allen Ginsberg and e.e. cummings  into a ritual of remembering and forgetting.

Jennifer Restak Statement:

Having a good memory is both a gift and a curse.  I find myself regularly revisiting the past, replaying episodes and often infusing them with a little more drama.  This is entertaining, but lately I find the goal is to progressively unspool myself from the binds of the past, and cut the cord.  This is also a conundrum, as our experiences shape our identities and impart wisdom.  This performance explores how ritual can enable us to bridge past and future.

In Bobbie, KM has created a character of her own, a woman “simply called Bobbie, a chameleon, she is whoever I need her be whenever I need her, her career spanning the greater half of the 20th century, bringing me perspective through her performances, passing from one person to the next in the form of a radiant green ball of love-light, and headlining the lounge acts of my dreams.”

KM Statement:
Negative thoughts may kill me. While feelings of joy come and go as they please, the negative ones, without outlet, turn over in perpetual suffering, giving way to bouts of manic behavior, destruction of relationships, depression, and naturally, art. Art gives voice to the suffering. In this performance, I choose to focus on the story of the blues and how some of my favorite ancestral songstresses have beamed feminist messages from the future straight to the living rooms of mainstream America.

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