Traces 2 Rehearasal Log

I ran the monologue(s), three times, and the third time I sped it.  I liked wrapping my mouth around the words.  At several points the words are melodious, and textured, and the sounds work.  

The diary entry, I met you in Austin, will be projected, as I handwrite it, crossing out and re-writing each line, representative of revision, editing, shuffling of memories.  Also, I will block out letters and words--erasures of memory.   I will speak the lines in voice-over, which reads as silently to myself, in my head.  

Then, the voice mails:  I will move on them.  And speak the Lucretius in response, as we did before.  But I will move on each one as it plays.  Will it be strange to move on the voice mails I leave?  To move while essentially I’m speaking, in recording?  Ooh—I place those calls live.  And listen to recorded voicemails back in response.  

Next, the lithium film:  how will my movement actions be different from the ones for sun flare?  
Movement on lithium film is a push-pull:  an extending towards him—I want our nerve endings to fuse.  And a fall, a recoil, a blow—where does that leave me?  Lithic.  Like stone.  

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