Practical Secrets with DeenaOH: Monday, February, 25th at The Dunes


DOH is a voice artist, performer and producer.  In 2011, she developed The Meeting of 1,000 Gates : a performance practice intended to reset static thinking where the participant creates their own language of therapy.  She is currently enrolled in a Teacher Training program for Alexander Technique: a kinaesthetic educational process of self improvement by examining habits and unraveling patterns of tension.  She will be sharing her expertise with us in the following program this Monday evening:

Here's the plan:

~ Constructive Rest / Semi Supine: explorations in subtlety and silence, experiments in inhibition and non-reaction.

~ Active Listening game (small groups)

~ Basics principles and procedures of Alexander Technique

~ Voicing Movement

~ Phases & Cycles

~ The Thinking Body

1. BRING: your self in comfortable clothing, a yoga mat if you can please.
2. DON'T BRING: fear
3. BE: ready to explore and experiment
4. DON'T BE: overly caffeinated or under nourished 

Secure your spot by RSVPing to - first come, first serve. Limited to 20. RSVP quick!

Let's relax, think differently and have some fun!

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