Last Monday the genesis of our work came from deep inside ourselves: we created a movement sequence blindfolded.

We visualized an entity that leaves a trace behind--the spark of a firework, hot breath on winter air, lipstick on a glass.  We visualized in our minds that entity's trajectory, its shape and movement.   Blindfolded, our other senses sharpened due to our lack of sight, we found our way into the form through reaching into the space of the room.  We carved out a sequence of repeated physical actions.  We made contact with one another and, in an even deeper exploration of negative space than what we'd done in workshops before, we complemented the physical shapes made by each other's bodies.  We removed the blindfold and repeated the movement sequence we had created.  On the floor we taped the trajectory, the shape of our movements:

This week we will
  • view the footage of our work blindfolded and sighted, observing the differences in the quality of our movement.  
  • move and interact with our image projected on the wall

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