Traces 1 From Rehearsal To Performance: Discovery vs. Symbol:

On Monday January 7th, 2013 (at the first Harvard Alley Workshop meeting of the new year), we moved as "a trace" of something that resonated with us (i.e. a jet stream, dandelion seeds) while blindfolded. Jen, our fearless leader, first lead us through shavasana mediation, and one we were on that higher plane our work began. We moved like this for about 10 minutes, and after we took off our blinders, we created the "movement maps" pictured. 

The work was a testament to the creative process and how it relates to the final product. Being blindfolded does two things almost immediately: first, it shakes your sense of balance to the core, and second, it jolts your creativity to a higher degree. Your mind is soaring, there are no perceived limitations (consciousness of self or others, harsh dictating lights) so your creativity is called upon to compensate for lack of this "other" stimuli- like reading a book versus watching a movie. Simultaiously your body is weaker, without balance every step becomes a st. To represent with your body what your mind and spirit are telling you to create becomes challenging and even frustrating, but working through the tension that dicotomy creates can be fun, and even spark new creative choices.

When we finished our movement maps, we got back on our feet. The next step was to use our "performative eye" to go through the language we developed while blinded, and edit it into something we could show- "discover a series" as we call it. It was almost shocking the contrast between both excersises. While the first felt so imaginative and free, the second left me struggling to tap into that feeling of newness (or "creation") the first time yielded. Then it hit me: the point wasn't to create new (if it comes than by no means are you to ignore the impulse, but you also shouldnt be searching it). The point of the exercise was to edit, to choreograph. It's the perfect metaphor for the process any performing artist goes through when embarking on a performance. Rehearsals are all about digging, about discovery, but performances are about clean, well made, choices. One is "true" and one is "symbol"- and it's our job to fill the symbol with the energy of the true.

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